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The Leadership Leverage connects world-class masterminds with business leaders and entrepreneurs like you.

In this exclusive community for entrepreneurs and business leaders, you’ll work with our unstoppable leadership coaches to establish profitable action steps that lead to dominance in your field of expertise.

This invaluable fountain of wisdom is the key to scaling your business and living your best life.

  • Intentional discussions on the RELEVANT challenges that consistently affect you and your business, with other forward-thinking professionals on the same journey as you
  • Elevated collaborations that FUEL your creative vision for the future
  • Winning techniques and tools you NEED from successful entrepreneurs currently living your dream life
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The Leadership Leverage has changed the lives of leaders

You can overcome any challenge with the right business coach and community

The Leadership Leverage is the summit for professionals in leadership positions who desire to transform their experience, education, and expertise into a profitable business.

Top-tier entrepreneurs connect and collaborate to maximize their contribution and win BIG.

As a leader yourself, you know the next massive breakthrough is always one decision away. You can rely on your business coaches at The Leadership Leverage for all the wisdom you need to make that groundbreaking decision.

Without a doubt, you will experience these three pivotal moments inside The Leadership Leverage:

Without a doubt, you will experience these three pivotal moments inside The Leadership Leverage:


Your brand identity will be an AUTHENTIC representation of you.

Gain direct access to authentic leadership coaching with other leaders.

You’ll PROFESSIONALLY position yourself in the market.


You’ll create an IRRESISTIBLE offer your ideal client can’t refuse.

Meet The Founder

Shaan Rais

Shaan Rais is the founder of Shaan Rais Media, The Leadership Leverage, OMNI Solutions Consultation LLC, and Breakfast With The Brand – a highly successful and enlightened podcast on YouTube.

Shaan has shared his branding and leadership expertise with thousands of entrepreneurs and has generated over 15 million dollars for his valued clients. Best known for being a world-renowned professional speaker and branding strategist, Shaan’s impressive leadership skills have earned him his title – The King Of Branding.

As the most sought-after branding coach alive today, Shaan’s mission is to change the face of leadership one success story at a time.

To learn Shaan’s story and rise to glory, check out

You can lead with impact and boost your business with a top business coach

Tap Into Legacy-Building Knowledge Through

The Breakfast With The Brand Podcast

Real People With

Life Changing Results

Victoria Downes

Business Coach

"Shaan was instrumental in helping me create the business of my dreams, which now allows me to serve my clients authentically without sacrificing my morals, values, and principles."

Jason Rodriguez


"Shaan is an exceptional coach. He has helped me through many obstacles while building my business. Through his training, I also learned many valuable lessons about life as well; his knowledge and wisdom are second to none."

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