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Picture this, the world completely shut down in March of 2020 and all of my hard work gladly collapsed with it.

The sharp daggers of each new round of disappointment pierced my heart, one by one.

You can imagine the sheer magnitude of the devastation I felt after working for so long to end up with, for what a split second felt like absolutely nothing in return.

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Yes, I lost every bit of the tangible dream that found a way 
to slip right through my fingers. But the intangible passion and determination to WIN never left my side. As a true leader, I took a hit on the chin, adjusted, and went back to get some more.

Before we dive into this truly transformational breakthrough, let’s take a look at where my story began.


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A kid from Harlem who could’ve never imagined he’d be constantly surrounded and supported
by the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the world.

That statement right there is as real as it gets.

I was born and raised in Harlem, New York and that’s where I first began my journey as a professional coach and consultant. With every new connection and authentic experience, I showed my community how to be dedicated to becoming the change they wanted to see.

I didn’t see a leader that looked like me so neither did my kids and that, was unacceptable.

Even during my time as a high-level New York leadership consultant making a 6-figure salary, I knew my impact could 
be more. Better yet, my impact had to be more because it was my responsibility to change the face of leadership. So that’s exactly what I did.

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Before the world was put on pause back in 2020, I would go to the park every single day to record videos to give entrepreneurs and professionals hope that there could be a brighter future.

Even when most were quarantined and isolated, I was dedicated and determined to make it to that park every day because other professionals and entrepreneurs were counting on the value I was delivering.

Even when I had to go inside, my flow NEVER stopped!

During a time of panic, desperation, and confusion,
I became the go-to online business coach for entrepreneurs 
and experienced professionals who wanted to transform their expertise into a 7-figure business.

To continue serving my community to the highest possible degree, I launched the Leadership Live Deep Dive At 5 every Saturday at 5 p.m. (EST). Every time a leadership coaching community member asked for more, I was more than happy

to oblige with…

The 4 A.M. Alien Calls For Leaders Like You

Starting in May of 2020, every Wednesday and Friday morning, hungry professionals joined our community to scale while 
others slept.

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Become Branded Like A Leader?

And become part of this cultural legacy while creating your own?

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When I started dominating the scene, the leaders I had the privilege to serve already had all the knowledge and skill they needed to succeed.

They simply didn’t have the right business coach, the right confidence, and the right leadership community to help them perfectly package their skills into an enticing business that attracted the high-ticket clients they craved.

With my successful brand, high-level education, and 15+ years of experience, I had the power to create an unstoppable movement one business at a time.

As soon as the Branded Like A Leader course was launched, we made $450,000 in less than 90 days with $0 in Ad spend. And just like that, as an online business coach I was a long way from the streets of Harlem but I will never forget who I serve… leaders like you.

Authenticity Is The ONLY Way

Leadership Leverage is more than just a high-level group
where masterminds share wisdom and grow lucrative businesses.

This is a family that is committed to changing the face of leadership and bringing our community to the forefront of greatness. There truly isn’t a more electrifying feeling than stepping into a room of your peers that have been where you’ve been, experienced what you’ve experienced, and look how you look. Now, with Leadership Leverage, you can see it and achieve it. Without a doubt.

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