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Frequently Asked Questions

World-Class Entrepreneurs In One Connected Community

Break It Down For Me. What Is Leadership Leverage?

A tight-knit community designed to help brilliant entrepreneurs develop their personal brand, elevate their position, and serve their community to the highest possible degree. This group is a family.

Within this family, you gain the freedom and clarity necessary to take action toward achieving your goals. Whether that be growing your business, improving your team, implementing scalable systems, or surrounding yourself with other masterminds who are living your dream life.

Am I The Right Character Fit For The Leadership Leverage?

Take a moment to self-reflect and figure out exactly what you want going forward.

If you want to elevate every aspect of your life, this group is where you need to be. No doubt.

The Exponential Zone isn’t a one-time brainstorming session. It’s a year-to-year, month-to-month, day-to-day experience where every member is part of a curated, intentionally vetted community.

You’ve been to masterminds, you’ve talked to self-proclaimed “gurus”, believe me when I say that this is completely different.

This is the place where high-level thought leaders come together to create breakthroughs that have an exponential effect on everyone involved. You can’t find this kind of quality anywhere else.

What Benefits Come With This Elite Membership?

This exclusive invitation is not for everyone but those who heed the call gain access to unlimited growth. Speakers, resources, tools, events… all of this and more are provided by successful entrepreneurs across various industries.

When this community chooses you, our top-secret vault of content and culture becomes yours to keep.

When Will The Life-Changing Impact Start To Take Effect?

Now, we’re not saying that money grows on trees but after your first day in this group, you’ll feel a difference. You will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs that are staking their claim in this world.

From new business opportunities to innovative partnerships, your atmosphere won’t let you do anything but succeed and exceed your own expectations of how successful you thought your business could be.

Where Do I Meet The Other Members?

From live Q&A sessions and virtual events to daily text support and weekly business development trainings, you will always be able to get support from a fellow member. Professional collaborations are the name of our game.

Click here to see a detailed list of the multiple daily connections you have access to when you become a member of this private community.

How Do I Join?

Now that you’re fully prepared to invest in yourself and your business, we’re ready to help you do just that.

Schedule a quick call at a time that’s convenient for you. The longer you wait, the less money you make!