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Lead With Impact:

Leadership Coaching For Leaders

Over the last three years, our network members have earned $15 million dollars through their insatiable hunger to win big.

Leadership Leverage was organically formed by brilliant business leaders to reveal industry-leading branding and positioning secrets.

This small leadership coaching cohort has since expanded to thought leaders and masterminds in various industries whom all have one common goal – to change the face of leadership. There is never a shortage of commitment when the black professionals network meets virtually or in person. Everyone is willing to give their all and then some.

Each conversation is full of wisdom about groundbreaking strategies that have made our clients millions of dollars. This strong, multi-faceted leadership network right here is where professionals go to become unstoppable forces in their industry.

How our community of business leaders grow and glow among other masterminds in The Leadership Leverage community

Michele D. Clark

Life Coach & Best-selling Author

Jackie Thompson

HR Consultant & Speaker

Veney Cochran

Leadership Coach

Our business leaders network and leadership coaching group is right for you if:

  • You earn 6-figures from your employer or from being your own boss (entrepreneur)
  • You have a keen eye for undeniable value and see the guaranteed ROI from The Leadership Leverage
  • You are more than ready to take action and become Branded Like A Leader
  • The idea of being surrounded by successful entrepreneurs lights an innovative fire in your soul that can only be elevated by this community
  • You know your worth and you’re genuinely excited to share your brilliance with other members. In our leadership coaching community, when every member gives, everyone’s cup is ALWAYS overflowing
  • Humility is one of your superpowers so you’re open to being coached and gaining life-changing wisdom
  • You fully understand that ROI (return on investment) goes hand in hand with SOI (speed of implementation). As soon as you learn, you are ready to put the plays into motion and watch your business soar!
Gain direct access to authentic leadership coaching with other leaders.

Being a part of this exclusive leadership coaching community for entrepreneurs means becoming part of a family.

You may want to reconsider being surrounded by greatness if:

  • You aren’t coachable and you have the “never have been, never will be” demeanor
  • You don’t want to invest in yourself because complacency is still comfortable
  • You have no desire to meet brilliant masterminds and learn from the best
  • Gaining wisdom that will 10x your business profits is scaling too fast for you

Are You Ready To Change The Face Of Leadership?